Friday, November 14, 2008

Advice: Lasting Longer

I am Mirthula 25 yrs old girl from India. Please give tips for prolonged erection and long time intercourse. My partner mostly cum very fast and sometimes not able to maintain erection for a long time. Please advice

There are a number of techniques that you can try. One is called "stop-start". If your partner can identify the moment before he reaches a point of no return, you should both stop moving until the urge subsides, then start again, then stop again several times. One benefit is that for some men, their orgasm when they finally have it is much stronger. You might even test this method as a way of giving him a hand job, where you are more in control. If you can learn the signs of him getting close, you can not only stop moving, but apply pressure to the head of his penis for a while. When he relaxes a bit, start over.

Also, if when you begin intercourse he is thrusting rapidly, an idea is to just slow it down. Calm, slow movement enhance the sensuality and should make the experience last longer.

Assuming your partner is young like you are, he can probably regain an erection fairly soon after ejaculating. Why not give him a hand or blow job first and then move to intercourse for a second round. If he is a generous lover, he should return the favor. He can go down on you while he's waiting to get his hard-on back. Not that you want to get into counting orgasms, but it's the least he can do!

One more technique he can try: as he's getting close to orgasm he should squeeze his pelvic floor muscles. It's the same action he'd use to stop urinating. Exercising those muscles, often called Kegels, has many benefits.

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